Congratulations to Maximus Belsoeur – the FIRST recipient of the Annual 5th Grade Outstanding Owl Citizen Award Scholarship presented by the Simmons Family. 

Ina A. Colen Academy will cultivate passionate learners in an inclusive school community in which individuality and diversity are valued and students develop understanding and empathy for others through collaboration and active learning.

An outstanding citizen takes responsibility for one’s own actions and has the courage to act on one’s beliefs.  They possess a strength of character and have the courage to do what is right.  They are always respectful of school property, follow the school rules, display responsibility, honesty, good listening, and kindness.

5th Grade Teacher, Laura Sparks, has the following to say about our Outstanding Owl Citizen Award Winner:

“This student has a strong sense of belief. This student is unfailingly kind and has the best way of gently telling friends when they have messed up. This student’s opinion is respected by friends and is quick to accept genuine apologies. All year, this student’s questioning spirit and empathetic attitude have added insight to class discussions – both academic and social! This student doubles down on efforts to persevere, learn, and grow when things are hard. This student’s dream is to be a chiropractor. He loves those satisfying cracks, and he hopes to help his mom out with some free sessions someday. For all these reasons and more, I selected Maximus Belsoeur for this scholarship opportunity. He deserves every chance to ensure all his dreams are realized.”

On behalf of the Simmons Family and Ina A. Colen Academy, we award Maximus Belsoeur the FIRST Outstanding Owl Citizen Award Scholarship for $250.00.