Ina A. Colen Academy is a tuition-free public charter school of choice located in the Calesa Township Community in Marion County, Florida. Founded in 2020, Ina A. Colen Academy serves students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Please take a moment to explore our website to learn more about our school.


Ina A. Colen Academy educates the hearts and minds of students and families in an environment where everyone belongs, works together, and thrives.


Ina A. Colen Academy will cultivate passionate learners in an inclusive school community in which individuality and diversity are valued and students develop understanding and empathy for others through collaboration and active learning.



We seek to create a school community that reflects the diversity of Marion County. Through a school culture that celebrates and respects differences while acknowledging the commonalities that bind us together as a community, our goal is for students, families, and staff to feel connected to and value their own and others’ identities, stories, and lives.


We understand the importance of families in the development of our students. Our school is a welcoming place that encourages families to be active partners in their children’s development. Outreach, support, and educational opportunities are integral to the school’s program.


We believe individuals construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences. This approach is evident throughout the IACA program, from project-based learning across academic areas to student dialogue circles focused on social and emotional learning.


Social responsibility begins with taking responsibility for ones’ own actions and having the courage to act on one’s beliefs. Consideration of the consequences of a person’s or institution’s acts as they affect other people and the environment is integrated throughout the curriculum and educational program.


Ina A. Colen Academy (IACA) offers a unique educational opportunity through project-based learning focused on the whole child. We believe academic instruction and social emotional development are of equal value, as evidenced throughout our comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of all students. IACA students will engage in experiential learning on campus and within the broader community, with support from our qualified and caring faculty and staff. Our faculty and staff are specially trained to offer a personalized learning opportunities for each student. IACA’s school community fosters overall health and wellness of our students and teachers, personal growth, family involvement, and multi-generational connections. IACA plans to adopt the MCPS calendar and a starting/ending time of 7:45am-2:05pm.


IACA’s educational program is designed to enhance long-term student success as we focus on the development of students physically, emotionally, and academically. Our innovative approach to instruction in conjunction with challenging learning opportunities help equip students for successful transition to high school and postsecondary opportunities. Through our unique project-based learning and connections to the broader community, students are able to apply their academic, collaboration, and communication skills at an early age, setting the stage for their future successes. At IACA, students learn the importance of academics, personal development, and caring for one another – skills that can be applied in any future endeavor.

The Colen Family Charitable Trust exists to empower passionate learners capable of making the best decisions for themselves and for the society in which they live. The Colen Family Charitable Trust succeeds in this mission through its work with the Ina A. Colen Academy, providing quality education and materials to students K-8, as well as teachers and principals in public, independent and charter schools.


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